vCoder Labs

vCoder Labs is a mobile computer science lab that teaches coding within VR!

vCoder Hero

vCoder Hero is an epic quest that teaches coding fundamentals; an adventure of computer science problem solving!

The CS Challenge

More CS jobs than people with computer science skills
CS Benefits
Less than 26% of the tech workforce identify as female
Fix The Divide

Infinity Lab

Infinity Lab is a learning system that breaks down the barriers of learning abstract computer science concepts. It's exciting, wildly fun and it teaches real coding skills.

Our Blog

Why Is Computer Science Important?

Computer science is one of the few policy issues that can address both foundational education needs and workforce development demands for a state’s future workforce. CS is foundational in the current technological...

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Why Teach Coding In VR?

Immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) are projected to be prevalent in nearly every industry in the near future and is predicted to eventually replace smartphones. vCoder prioritizes CS education...

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