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The mission of vCoder is to improve and expand computer science (CS) education by utilizing the unique qualities of virtual reality (VR) in order to:

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1. Increase access to CS
2. Increase student and teacher participation in CS
3. Increase educational outcomes in CS
4. Increase positive student perception of CS

vCoder’s target audience is K-12 students, with a special focus towards underrepresented minorities in computer science as well as underserved community populations.

vCoder eliminates barriers for student access by:

1. Providing VR headsets to schools at no cost.
2. Providing vCoder CS curriculum to schools at no cost.
3. Hosting free vCoder CS Camps.

vCoder can inspire and educate our next generation and introduce a new computer science education platform that expands on what is currently available. This project has the potential to improve CS education outcomes, student perception of CS, and CS diversity, thereby contributing to solving our national computer science crisis.

There are several ways you can join our mission:

1. Volunteer hours
2. If you wish to donate to this cause, vCoder is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, therefore all donations are tax exempt.

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